Lulu Island Honey

Local Wildflower Honey & Wedding Favours from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Shipping Prices

What Will Shipping Cost?

American & Customers: please contact us for an accurate shipping quote.

Canadian Customers:  Contact us for a shipping quote, or, if you are feeling resourceful, use Canada Post's Rate Finder. to calculate shipping costs yourself.  You will need 4 things to calculate shipping costs: our postal code (V6X 1S8), your postal code, the weight of your shipment and the size of the box.  Scroll down to find the weight & size of our best-sellers.   Input this information, click on "calculate rate" and locate 7-day "regular parcel rate."      

Charmers (1 oz)

50 jars = 5 Kilo, 38cm X 28cm X 13cm

100 jars = 10 Kilo, 36cm X 35cm X 15cm

150 jars = 15 Kilo, 46cm X 31cm X 27cm

200 jars = 20 Kilo, 46 cm X 31cm X 27cm

Sweethearts (2 oz)

50 jars = 6.5 Kilo, 38cm X 28cm X 13cm

100 jars = 12 Kilo, 36cm X 35cm X 15cm

150 jars = 18.5 Kilo  46cm X 35cm X 27cm

200 jars = 24 Kilo, 46cm X 31cm X 27cm

Treasures (3 oz)

25 jars = 5 Kilo, 38cm X 28cm X 13cm

50 jars = 10 Kilo, 40cm X 30cm X 20cm

100 jars = 20 Kilo, 40cm X 30cm X 30cm

150 jars = 30 Kilo, 40cm X 40cm X 40cm

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